John Sloboda

Musician and Researcher based in London, UK

Projects, activities, and thoughts, mainly about music and its changing role in society

April 2020                             In these unprecedented times people all over the world are rethinking their modes of activity and communication.  Physical isolation makes the internet ever more important, so we can share our experiences, hopes, and concrete projects, even when not face to face.  

That's why I have decided to set up my own personal website, where particular actvities, projects, and thoughts can be shared in a more lasting way than on social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter. 

You can find here links and references to the organisations that I work for on a permanent basis, but this website is also to highlight the things I do and care about as an individual, outside institutional frameworks.   It will evolve over time, but the stimulus for starting now was an exciting academic-artistic event at the Katarina Gurska Institute, Segovia, Spain (see Los Caminos De La Vida tab) on April 17th 2020, when all the participants were locked down in their respective homes.

Research and advocacy

Guildhall School of Music & Drama (link

AHRC Music for Social Impact project (link)

Institute for Social Impact Research in the Performing Arts (link).

Social Impact of Making Music Platform (link)

Iraq Body Count (link)

Cultural and artistic

El Parnaso Hyspano (link)

Chorus of Dissent (link)

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